About Passione

Passione is an Orange County based custom residential and commercial interior design firm. The significant benefits to working with us include our referral for furniture refinishing and restoration. We provide excellence with complete design concepts, specifications and construction documents for new construction and re-modeling.


Since 1986, Sue Capelli has focused her successful efforts on defining the complete custom design experience, whenever the opportunity presented itself from individuals who desired a minor transformation in the preliminary stages or those wishing to build their dream home. Sue and Giampiero Capelli, together have combined their skills and knowledge of interior design, furniture re-finishing and restoration, along with importing the highest quality antiques and reproductions from Europe. Their partnership has further added a superior quality to the design details of their projects.

Passione has had the privilege of conceiving design concepts for custom homes from 5,000 to 22,000 square feet.

Sue Capelli

Sue Capelli is a professional member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) and brings over 25 plus years of interior design expertise, along with a network of dependable subcontractors and talented craftspeople.

As the co-owner of Passione, Sue’s extensive scope of responsibilities include; interior design, business development, estimates and project management. Whichever the key role, Sue is ultimately responsible for the completion of each project to the satisfaction of her clients. Sue has combined timeless quality with exceptional service for over 25 plus years.

Giampiero Capelli

Born and raised in Northern Italy, Giampiero Capelli has studied and successfully mastered a family tradition of furniture re-finishing and restoration. Since 1989, his proficient expertise with furniture refinishing and reproduction details have brought him many opportunities to work with some of the most established furniture restorers in the United States. Giampiero’s knowledge of woods and finishes adds an unmistakable detail and quality to the ever-evolving success of Passione.

Giampiero travels to Europe to purchase only the finest antiques and reproductions sold in the Passione showroom.